Treatment of Headache in Different Ways

Treatment of Headache

Take Magnesium:

Those people who suffer from half acne often suffer from magnesium minerals in their diet. The deficiency of this minerals often causes migraine, half-headache. Magnesium is present in chocolate, fish, bananas and vegetables.

Use of Vitamins Bee:

In a medical research, it comes to use that 400 millimeters of vitamin B to reduce the headache of the daily, significantly reducing the headache. Vitamin B to almond, fish, cheese and many vegetables It is in fruit.


Ginger tea:

Ginger headache is the best thing to cook. It reduces us from headaches by reducing swelling of blood vessels. Put three pieces of spirits into two dried water and keep them covered for half an hour. Then prepare these drinks in a form of tea.

Coffee Pain:
According to a medical research, the "caffeine" part of the coffee container reduces swelling of blood vessels too. It also reduces the intensity of headache. During this research, the volunteers were divided into two groups. One group was caffeine, and another was given a general shot of head. The result showed that caffeine headaches completely ended.

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